Qianhui De

My work investigates the relationship between abstract shapes without a narrative form. The dominant subjects of my work are water, land, mountains, and leaves. They depict an aerial view that describes both a poetic atmosphere and naturalism. The paintings explore the breath and fluidity of paint.

I apply acrylic to plastic then onto canvas. I was inspired by pressure printing, a printmaking technique, by which a flexible plate is placed behind the press sheet and run over a type-high, inked surface. Plastic is an unconventional medium for discussing natural themes. The experimental process of folding plastic with acrylic creates sharp contours by gathering various pieces together. The process raises attention to recognize how much we’ve morphed it and reconfigured it in a way that’s irreparable. The choice of plastic helps communicate my message about environmental degradation and manmade alterations. The patterns are fragmented into pieces, which create a deconstructed form, while it retains the inner melody of the whole piece. The fragmented shapes and lines interrupted by contours reveal the fragmentation and deconstruction of environment. I try to create rhythmic movement of shapes and the relationships of squeezed, deconstructed, radicalized or overlapping patterns.

My paintings can be read as landscapes distilled to their most elemental forms. The bluish color palette is a symbol of time and space, as the natural world gradually changes, from day to night, autumn to winter. I emphasize blue in my paintings to highlight the nostalgia for nature.

2015 研究生 旧金山艺术大学 艺术专业
2013年 巴黎美术史暑期课
2012 本科 鲁迅美术学院 油画系

2016 格物致梦,沈阳
2016 上上国际美术馆,北京
2015 Art by America: A Review of 2-Dimensional Contemporary Art, The Art House, 芝加哥
2015 Fusion On-line Exhibition, Arc Gallery, 旧金山
2015 Divergence: Emerging Legacies,笛洋美术馆, 旧金山
2015 No Name Collective, 50 Mason Social House, 旧金山
2015 Small Work Exhibition, Greenpoint Gallery, 纽约

2015 AAU Gallery at the Cannery, 旧金山